There are two things we prioritise more than anything else for our products: timeless and quality. When we started Craftsman with no capital, we didn't have the budget to develop multiple jackets to find the best ones; so we brainstorm ideas and after numerous meetings at our glamorous office (at that time, it was at McDonalds, if you must know) we have come to a conclusion.

Our Grant A-1 bomber and Hemingway safari jacket are two jackets that would cover most of your day to day basis.

As our journey moves along, we have been continually improving and developing our collection. Three years in, we have six jackets which we drew inspirations from six different icons. From pop music sensation, to movie stars or even fictional characters; these are cultural icons that we all know and grew up with.

Seeing them in these jackets not only give us a sentimental value; that they still look amazing to this day proves these are designs that can stay and perhaps, one day you can pass them to your next generations while you are telling them the epic stories you have experienced in these jackets.

The Linen Collection

Linen often gets a bad rep for its wrinkles but to us, it's part of the charm. Thus for our RTW collection, we are constantly testing with different types of linens. From the lightweight v.1 ones we made with our "sprezzatura" collars to the present Indian Textured Linen with its wide array beautiful colours and textures. And the amazing drape it comes with that we've decided to offer the Navy and Natural colour in a full safari suit with gurkha trousers.

Safari jackets are Inherently rugged and masculine; it's the jacket for the jet-setters who's always seeking adventures and travel. Because gents, more pockets always comes in handy when you are traveling. 

Our Debut Of Gurkha Trousers

"Many a stalwart piece of clothing has been forged in the crucible of battle, but few possess such a fearsome reputation as the Gurkha trouser. Technical, sartorial and practical, it’s a style that’s been long-overdue for a renaissance, and with silhouettes becoming more relaxed and tailoring more focussed on utility, it seems the Gurkha’s time has come once again." The Rake Online

The Gurkha trousers have been around forever but recently even fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton and Polo Ralph Lauren have caught up and releasing their own version. We bring you our version made in three different fabrics to make sure you can wear them stylishly year round.

The Corduroy Comeback

I know, I know... Corduroy probably reminds you of your high school professor who's in an ill-fitted corduroy sport coat with messy hair and turquoise glasses. But we have made it cool again by making it as a safari suit so you get something to wear in the F/W, too. Wear a crewneck or turtleneck as an inner layer and play around with different footwear from sneakers, loafers to... my favourite, boots! Dressing cool has never been easier.

If you are missing that go-to casual blazer in your wardrobe, meet ELKANN

The reason why we have decided to develop this model was because though both of us love the sartorial world of tailoring, we found ourselves were missing that one coat we need on the days when a full suit becomes too dressy for the occasion. Or simply, there are just some days when we want to dress down in something slouchy yet still presentable.

This has been a piece that we worn to our first runway show at The Hive, or an interview we did with Kossie UK. Will we go for a three-piece or double breasted when Pitti rolls around? Probably. But in a daily basis, it is always good to have an ELKANN laying around for "that occasion" that you don't know how to dress for.

Made in premium materials such as fine Japanese cotton and mother of pearls buttons, comes with a 4 x 1 design, two patch pockets with an inner one to store your shades (or cigar, perhaps?) Wear it with a t shirt, crewneck or even a cashmere turtleneck.

Our Modern Take On The Famous Camel Coat Seen In American Gigolo

When we first released this lovely cashmere-blend camel coat; I named it the GIGOLO camel coat. The reviews were critical and being a bashful person that I am; we have decided to tone it down and called it JULIAN. Named after a fictional character from one of the most iconic movies out there- American Gigolo, the carelessness Richard Gere portrays in his suits is perhaps one factor that has helped Giorgio Armani exploded in that era. A camel coat is definitely an essential piece in any gentlemen's wardrobe.

The Only Henley Bruce Lee Ever Worn

The 5 oz. is a mercerised cotton that is thin and was used only as an undergarment; after Bruce famously wore it alone in his movies, it became a everyday's basic.

The fabric used for the garments is a “mercerised cotton”, which is produced by treating raw cotton with caustic soda, making it shrink, become more hard-wearing and gain a silk-like texture.

The material is super absorbent so that when you sweat, it evaporates just like that. It’s perhaps better than those hi-tech fabrics from Nike, the synthetic fabric is just incomparable to this cotton.

Sample Sale

These are some prototypes we cooked in our CraftsLab...

Sometimes the crazy ideas may be too much or too early for the mainstream, so these are unique pieces that are made for people who aren't fond of the status quo, who doesn't care when someone asks you why is that collar so big. You would nod, smile and softly reply, "F*** you, they are only 5 inches."