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Coffee Corduroy HEMINGWAY Safari


Coffee Corduroy HEMINGWAY Safari
Coffee Corduroy HEMINGWAY Safari Coffee Corduroy HEMINGWAY Safari

The Story

Originated from the British Army as a Khaki Drill uniform in the 1930s. The soldiers needed a jacket that's light and breathable with pockets to carry their bullets and knives. Hence the design comes with four bellow pockets, a large shirt collar, epaulets that have later be removed to become cleaner and more civilized; a belt to tie around the waist.

This ultimate classic is a jacket that has withstand time in practicality and style. The only jacket Ernest Hemingway was seen in the pictures he worn during his safari adventures. It is also the jacket that was worn often by the foremost fashion designers in the twentieth century- Yves Saint Laurent when he was not wearing a suit.

Product Notes

Over the years the style details have come and gone, the cut may have trimmed down a bit; the epaulettes and belts were added and then again taken off, yet the style has remained.

Today it is a jacket you can wear even in an urban jungle like Hong Kong, where we are based. Instead of armed weapons, you may carry your passport, iPhone, a portable charger, or a rollable fedora hat for your getaway trips. It is the perfect travel jacket. Wear them with our Gurkha trousers to get through the security check seamlessly.

-Cotton Corduroy

-Bemberg lining; fully lined





-Fits TTS